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Our names are Hannah and Shane, however you can call us “Spontaneous Deuce”.

We are an artist-couple our primary practice explores the nature of food and its relation to political, social, economic and environmental contexts. We now work with spontaneous fermentation in Bread and Cider.    

In September 2017, we relocated to London to pursue MA degrees at the Slade School of Fine Art, simultaneously working in renowned bakeries, restaurants and bars. Initially interested in the fermentation processes involved in sourdough baking, we decided to withdraw from further study and began travelling throughout the UK and Europe; attending conferences and symposia events concentrated on biodiversity, sustainability and slow-food movements.

Our curiosity led us to the vineyards of the Loire where we discovered the controversial scene of natural wine. We understand the similarities between bread and wine fermentation to be symbiotic. We host tasting events across the UK and Ireland; sourcing locally grown, organic produce, preparing authentic cuisine and serving exceptional wines imported from makers we know and love.

We have recently begun a cidery project in NI to produce Pétillant Naturel an ancestral method of wine making, using unsprayed organic fruit. We initiate and control alcohol fermentations using qvervi (Georgian clay vessels) that are buried in the earth and filled with fruit flesh and juices; the temperatures of the must are regulated by the surrounding soil and climate.

We are privileged to meet so many diverse individuals working for the greater cause of holistic food, farming and nutrition; ultimately we aim to focus on what we choose to eat, drink, share and celebrate.

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